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Natural Stone - Flooring Southampton, Hampshire -Taurus Flooring – Wood Floors, laminate flooring, Engineered Flooring

Natural Stone Flooring

Stone – A natural material that gives us the durable but beautiful tiles made from natural Travertine, Limestones, Slates and Marble. Created during the formation of the Earth, these materials are quarried and mined in sites all over the globe.


Installing Natural stone flooring in Hampshire

Modern day techniques are used alongside traditional skills to cut, hone & polish these tiles; they are perfected by artisans using the natural colours, pigments and textures of the material.

Stone is one of the most durable of all floorings when properly installed; it will look gorgeous and last a lifetime. This toughness combined with the natural beauty of stone makes it the material of choice where quality, style and character are important considerations.

Here is a fantastic opportunity to bring some of these wonderful stones to your home, these are the real thing! The style & design of many porcelain & ceramic tiles are copies of slate, marble, travertine & limestones. You will find that lots of our prices are comparable to those of ceramic & porcelain tiles; real stones – at really affordable prices!

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